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At KL Flooring, we strive to deliver premium quality flooring, exceptional customer service, and unmatched efficiency in every aspect of work that we do. We are dedicated to ensuring we inspect, construct, and install each and every floor with exceptional care and quality assurance. Our team at KL Flooring are excited to provide our customers with unmatched customer service and detailed installation of their new floors.

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KL Flooring has been the top choice for customers across the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, for many years. From premium Hardwood to durable Laminate and Vinyl flooring options, our team at KL Flooring stop at nothing to ensure we recommend the best possible choice for your unique needs.

The estimation process for our services is completely free, providing you with the utmost transparency right from the start of your relationship with us. We work hard to make sure you feel comfortable and informed about the type of flooring we recommend and how we intend to execute our installations. Should you have any questions along the way, just ask one of our friendly team members!



KL Flooring has been an industry leader in flooring choices across the Lower Mainland for many years. With unmatched expertise, premium flooring choices, and informative customer service, we are proudly a top choice for all things flooring. Our team at KL Flooring are dedicated to ensuring every person we work with is left satisfied with the flooring services we provide for their home or commercial space. 

We look forward to making your home or office space a bright and durable environment!